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MOGL partners with Liquid I.V. to scale NIL influencer strategy

Eric Prisbellby:Eric Prisbell10/27/23


MOGL, a leading athlete marketplace and NIL operations software provider, is partnering with powdered electrolyte drink mix Liquid I.V. – the two companies launching a multilayered promotion that will enable more than 10,000 college athletes across all sports and divisions the chance to promote the product and monetize.

Through the partnership, Liquid I.V. will receive its own marketplace to connect with influencers looking to promote their products. MOGL’s technology aims to ensure that the program is managed effectively, track important performance metrics and help expand the company’s athlete influencer program.

The 2023 Tailgate Tour will kick off Nov. 4 when Mississippi State hosts Kentucky in football. The campaign will provide athletes at select schools with pop-up tents – in traditional tailgate fashion outside the stadium. Athletes will then distribute products and gear to fans and students.

Interested athletes can sign up to promote products from Liquid I.V. through their social media channels to give their followers a behind-the-scenes view of the product while receiving financial compensation for the promotion.

NIL deals increase the reach of marketing campaigns

Ayden Syal, MOGL’s CEO and co-founder, called Liquid I.V. a “pioneer” in crafting marketing campaigns. He said college athletes generally outshine other social media influencers, boasting engagement rates of two to 12 times higher. 

Because of that, Syal added, “Liquid I.V.’s student-athletes offer a direct channel to reach Gen Z consumers.”

MOGL athletes can now apply for the Liquid I.V. campaign through their profile. After visiting Starkville, Mississippi, the Tailgate Tour will travel to Georgia on Nov. 11, Tennessee on Nov. 18 and South Carolina on Nov. 25.

In a statement, Stacey Andrade-Wells, vice president of marketing at Liquid I.V., said in part: “Liquid I.V. was created to be real hydrating – for both on and off the court – and this partnership further allows us to expand the Liquid I.V. platform with a clear and more distinct brand position among a Gen Z audience and beyond.”