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2024 NBA Draft: ESPN releases updated mock draft following combine

On3 imageby:Andrew Graham05/22/24



The 2024 NBA Draft Combine is in the books and it means one of the last major milestones prior to the draft has been checked off. And that means mock drafts come into even clearer focus.

As such, ESPN has released a full mock draft after the combine, predicting all 58 picks in the 2024 NBA Draft. The usual collection of suspects are filling the Top 10 and lottery picks, with some more interesting selections as the mock progressed.

See how ESPN draft experts Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo broke it down.

ESPN’s 2024 post-combine mock draft

Adam Bona (90) and Urich Chomche (62) go for a jump ball during the 2024 NBA Draft Combine at Wintrust Arena.
Photo by David Banks | USA TODAY Sports

1. Atlanta Hawks: Alex Sarr, France

Sarr has been a favorite to be a top pick, if not the top pick in the draft, for several weeks and months at this point. And the Hawks are the lucky team to draft him, jumping up in the lottery to secure the top spot.

However, what the Hawks might do with this pick, as the franchise is strapped for a premium talent to play alongside Trae Young, isn’t set in stone. They could go for another player or look to trade the pick, too.

2. Washington Wizards: Zaccharie Risacher, France

The Wizards need an injection of talent and, according to this ESPN mock, are likely to take one of Risacher or Sarr, assuming the Hawks take one of the two. In this exercise, that leaves the international wing prospect to head to the Wizards.

Risacher has broken out of late in the playoffs overseas, and could very well be the No. 1 overall pick. Which makes it solid value for a franchise seemingly hitting a hard reset in years to come.

3. Houston Rockets: Reed Sheppard, Kentucky

At points pegged as a candidate to go No. 1 overall, Sheppard was not in these sort of conversations a year or even six months ago. But a stellar freshman season at Kentucky where he demonstrated high-level playmaking ability alongside his scoring and shooting prowess, Sheppard is one of the top prospects in the class.

He’s also instinctive and aggressive as a defender, despite a thinner frame and generally lacking bulk and length to bully his mark. For a team now trying to win and contend, a ready-made scorer like Sheppard could be a sensible add.

4. San Antonio Spurs: Rob Dillingham, Kentucky

One of Sheppard’s teammates in 2023-24, there are few more electrifying talents in the draft than Dillingham, who can take over at any moment with his explosive scoring. He scored 20 or more points in a quarter of his games played at Kentucky, including a career-high 35 in early February.

The issues for Dillingham arise on the defensive end, where he’s simply hasn’t been good of late. But playing alongside someone like Victor Wembanyama could give Dillingham some cushion for his defensive lapses while he adds a high-profile scoring element for the Spurs.

5. Detroit Pistons: Matas Buzelis, G League

The Pistons, again, were big losers at the draft lottery, failing to secure a Top 4 pick despite having Top 4 odds for a third year running. But given the wide-open nature of the Top 5 or 10 picks of this draft, there’s every chance the player Detroit selects at No. 5 could be one of the best selections of the entire class. In this case, it’s G Leauge wing Matas Buzelis.

A 6-foot-10 wing, Buzelis fits with the Pistons’ current need for wings as the guards and bigs are log-jammed at the moment. And if his 3 point shooting can develop from his promising shooting foundation, Buzelis could become an effective two-way wing for the Pistons after years of needing help there.

6. Charlotte Hornets: Donovan Clingan, UConn

Clingan had an excellent season for UConn, stepping in as the main center after the departure of Adama Sanogo. And the 7-foot-1 sophomore has all the trappings of a top-level center prospect to anchor a defense.

Clingan isn’t a floor-stretching big for now, and will be best playing alongside centers and power forwards that can step out and shoot while he protects the rim on defense and rim runs on offense. And he hopes to show that he can develop more of a shooting touch.

7. Portland Trail Blazers: Nikola Topic, Serbia

Topic has been dealing with a knee injury through the first half of 2024, so his draft stock could take a dive if things don’t look good during his medical examinations at the NBA Global Camp. If his knee is in good shape, though, Topic is one of the more intriguing guard prospects in this class.

The Trail Blazers aren’t short of backcourt options as it stands, but Topic brings size and positional fluidity to fit in a variety of lineups. It’s also possible the Trail Blazers go in a different direction with the pick.

8. San Antonio Spurs: Tidjane Salaun, France

A bit of an upside pick, Salaun has flashed some strong performances of late showcasing his abilities as a stretch forward. And picking a high-upside swing on a foreign power forward to develop next to a fledgling star in Wembanyama would make a fair bit of sense, especially if the Spurs take a guard earlier in the Top 10.

And ultimately, Salaun might be an upgrade for the Spurs in how they can space out the floor around Wembanyama with other shooting bigs.

9. Memphis Grizzlies: Dalton Knecht, Tennessee

Knecht had one of the best seasons of any college player this past season, and one of the main reasons he’s not with the Kentucky guards higher up the board is age. While Sheppard and Dillingham are still teenagers, Knecht is already 23 years old.

But the upside with Knecht could be that he’s ready-made for the NBA. He’s got the frame and wingspan to function on the wing and his scoring — specifically his shooting — should translate immediately in the NBA.

10. Utah Jazz: Stephon Castle, UConn

Castle needs plenty of offensive polish to his game, but the bouncy, long point guard oozes upside. Plus he enters the draft as one of the best defenders available, especially among perimeter players.

Castle is apparently intent on playing as a point guard, primarily, at the next level. But he’s got the size and room to develop offensively to play off the ball as one of the more enticing prospects in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Picks No. 11 through 30

Kentucky Wildcats guard Justin Edwards (1) celebrates during the second half against the Arkansas Razorbacks at Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center
Photo by Jordan Prather | USA TODAY Sports

11. Chicago Bulls: Ron Holland, G League
12. Oklahoma City Thunder: Cody Williams, Colorado
13. Sacramento Kings: Ja’Kobe Walter, Baylor
14. Portland Trail Blazers: Zach Edey, Purdue
15. Miami Heat: Jared McCain, Duke
16. Philadelphia 76ers: Devin Carter, Providence
17. Los Angeles Lakers: Tristan Da Silva, Colorado
18. Orlando Magic: Johnny Furphy, Kansas
19. Toronto Raptors: Kyshawn George, Miami
20. Cleveland Cavaliers: Carlton Carrington, Pittsburgh
21. New Orleans Pelicans: Isaiah Collier, USC
22. Phoenix Suns: Kyle Filipowski, Duke
23. Milwaukee Bucks: Yves Missi, Baylor
24. New York Knicks: Tyler Smith, G League
25. New York Knicks: Kel’el Ware, Indiana
26. Washington Wizards: Bobi Klintman, Sweden
27. Minnesota Timberwolves: Baylor Scheierman, Creighton
28. Denver Nuggets: Tyler Kolek, Marquette
29. Utah Jazz: Justin Edwards, Kentucky
30. Boston Celtics: Kevin McCullar, Kansas

2024 NBA mock draft Round 2, picks No. 31 through 58

USC G Bronny James
John Reed | USA TODAY Sports

31. Toronto Raptors: Ryan Dunn, Virginia
32. Utah Jazz: Jaylon Tyson, Cal
33. Milwaukee Bucks: Terrence Shannon Jr., Illinois
34. Portland Trail Blazers: A.J. Johnson, USA
35. San Antonio Spurs: Cam Christie, Minnesota
36. Indiana Pacers: Alex Karaban, UConn
37. Minnesota Timberwolves: Juan Nunez, Spain
38. New York Knicks: Ulrich Chomche, Cameroon
39. Memphis Grizzlies: Adem Bona, UCLA
40. Portland Trail Blazers: Jonathan Mogbo, San Francisco
41. Philadelphia 76ers: Nikola Djurisic, Serbia
42. Charlotte Hornets: Pelle Larsson, Arizona
43. Miami Heat: Pacome Dadiet, France
44. Houston Rockets: Ajay Mitchell, UC Santa Barbara
45. Sacramento Kings: K.J. Simpson, Colorado
46. Los Angeles Clippers: Harrison Ingram, North Carolina
47. Orlando Magic: Keshad Johnson, Arizona
48. San Antonio Spurs: Melvin Ajinca, France
49. Indiana Pacers: Dillon Jones, Weber State
50. Indiana Pacers: DaRon Holmes II, Dayton
51. Washington Wizards: Payton Sandfort, Iowa
52. Golden State Warriors: Izan Almansa, G League
53. Detroit Pistons: Jamal Shead, Houston
54. Boston Celtics: Bronny James, USC
55. Los Angeles Lakers: Hunter Sallis, Wake Forest
56. Denver Nuggets: Jalen Bridges, Baylor
57. Memphis Grizzlies: Ariel Hukporti, Germany/Togo
58. Dallas Mavericks: Isaac Jones, Washington State

The Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns have both forfeited a 2024 second round pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.