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Alabama QB Bryce Young, LB Will Anderson hold impressive On3 NIL Valuations

joseph-hastingsby:Joseph Hastings05/30/22


On Monday, it was announced that Alabama quarterback Bryce Young had signed a new NIL deal. The incoming junior for the Crimson Tide will sign a limited number of Daniel A. Moore’s Crimson Connection; this is a collection of oil paintings, with one including an image of Young himself.

It’s not a surprise to see Young continuing to get opportunities as it pertains to Name, Image, and Likeness. Young is coming off a Heisman Trophy season in which he led Alabama to a national championship appearance in his first season starting for the program.

If you recall, it was just under a year ago when head coach Nick Saban revealed that Young had deals in place worth nearly a million dollars. That was before Young even took a snap in the Crimson and White.

With a new reported NIL deal for Young, BamaOn3 wanted to revisit his On3 NIL Valuation. We also take a look at the On3 NIL Valuation for fellow star teammate Will Anderson.

Bryce Young leads all college football players on the On3 NIL Valuation

Before discussing the figure seen on Bryce Young’s NIL profile, it’s important to understand what the On3 NIL Valuation actually is.

It is an index that looks to set the standard market value for both high school and college-level athletes. The NIL valuation does not act as a tracker of the value of NIL deals an athlete has completed to date. It rather signifies an athlete’s value at a certain moment in time. 

At this time, Young has an On3 NIL Valuation of $3.1 million. This is the most amongst any college football player and second on the NIL 100, only behind Bronny James ($6.3 million).

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Now, to understand how this number came to be, we have to look at multiple factors. The On3 NIL Valuation takes into account an athlete’s social media following and engagement, their athletic performance, and college prestige and collectives/endorsements.

Week in and week out last season, Young performed at a high level in a season that saw him finish with nearly 5,000 passing yards and 47 touchdowns to just seven interceptions. The college prestige of Alabama is unquestionable, and we already noted that Young has been inking NIL deals as far back as last summer.

As for his social media following, this is where Young has a massive reach. While not a frequent poster, Young has accumulated 202,000 followers on Instagram and over 55,000 followers on Twitter; his Per Post Value — what Young should charge per post — is $9,800, according to On3.

Assuming he continues his trajectory and maintains his health, Young should enjoy an abundance of earnings during his NFL career. As seen above, however, Young has already positioned himself nicely to reap the benefits of his talent before getting to the next level.

On3 NIL Valuation is high for Alabama LB Will Anderson as well

Although it’s not as high as Young’s, Will Anderson has an On3 NIL Valuation of $1.3 million. This places him seventh amongst all college football players and No. 12 in the NIL 100.

Starting with his social media following, Anderson is also not a frequent poster. In fact, he only has 13 total posts on his Instagram as of publishing this article.

Even so, Anderson has amassed over 55,000 followers on his Instagram page. The Peach State native also has over 16,000 Twitter followers on his profile with over 4,200 total tweets.

Anderson’s Per Post Value, according to On3, is $2,200.

As for his athletic performance, Anderson’s production was recognized as out of this world by most last season. In his 2021-2022 campaign, Anderson racked up 102 total tackles, three pass deflections, and 17.5 sacks; somehow, however, this was not enough to earn him a trip to New York City for the Heisman Trophy Ceremony.

Anderson has not been as involved in the endorsement business as Young has been. Once again, the On3 NIL Valuation factors in a college’s prestige, so Anderson’s presence on Alabama’s roster gives him a boost already.

Both Anderson and Young are projected to be high first-round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft. In this new day and age of NIL, their performances on the field — coupled with other factors listed above — are giving them a chance to capitalize on their hard work as student-athletes.

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