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What I'm hearing: Impressions of Kansas State LB Alec Marenco

On3 imageby:Derek Young06/06/24


What we’re hearing on Kansas State (in terms of inside intel) is relegated to our message board at KSO but still spills out the best information on the Wildcats in the market, such as the latest on the basketball recruiting chase, an update on new arrivals and a note on a new linebacker.

Obviously Ugonna Onyenso is already in the fold for K-State, but where do they turn next? A lot of eyes are on Illinois transfer Coleman Hawkins. In addition to the Wildcats, who else is involved and what are the initial visit plans?

LINK: New insight on plans for Hawkins

New basketball signees and transfers have made it to Kansas State campus yet. We saw it in the video when both Brendan Hausen and Max Jones seemed ready to go fishing in Manhattan. True freshman David Castillo has made it as well.

But we share when the Wildcats expect to have Achor Achor in town.

LINK: When Achor makes it to Manhattan

We have delivered some goods on the strong, initial impressions being left by new K-State running back Dylan Edwards. Being a good teammate and fully bought in is a great start to his tenure with the Wildcats. So, what’s being said about new linebacker Alec Marenco?

LINK: First thoughts/reactions on Marenco

We provide a hint of what is inside below.

  • Recruiting plans for Kansas State target Coleman Hawkins.
  • Update on when Achor arrives.
  • More on Marenco’s first week in Manhattan.

That is just a taste of what can be found in our K-State team and recruiting content on a weekly basis throughout the calendar year. There has never been a better time to join the largest community of Kansas State fans on the internet that converse and discuss the Wildcats on a daily basis.

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