Urban Meyer names College Football Playoff Top-4 ahead of Week 4 kickoff

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J.D. PicKell's College Football Playoff Predictions

Urban Meyer has revealed his College Football Playoff picks ahead of Week 4’s kickoff — and he made a bold choice for his No. 1 before making an even stranger choice at No. 3.

To preface — Meyer is grouping Ohio State and Michigan together and will continue to do so until the outcome of The Game in late November’s season finale.

“The criteria I used for this is very simple: What is your body of work?” Urban asked during Saturday’s Big Noon Kickoff. “Two of them had the best wins in college football and the second is the roster. [My No. 1 is] Texas. Texas has the best roster in the country and has the best win by far in Tuscaloosa.

“No. 2, I have Georgia. You’re the man until you beat the man. Then [at No. 3] I have the Wolverines and Ohio State. It’s The Game. … I will say that for three months. Then finally I have Florida State. They have the second-best win against LSU.”

Aside from the Ohio State pick, which Meyer — a former national championship-winning Buckeyes head coach — is always good for, the Fox Sports analyst’s picks lined up with this week’s AP Top 25 Poll, just a bit out of order because he’s using an alternative criteria.

If Meyer’s Buckeyes end up falling to Notre Dame on the road on Saturday, his comments regarding who he puts in his top-four for the CFP could contradict what he said about Week 4’s headline matchup between Ohio State and the Irish.

“You look at the back end of those schedules, both of them got really tough schedules at the end of the season. This will expose weaknesses,” Urban said, via On3’s Alex Weber. “The loser of that game in South Bend, I don’t think they’ll make the Playoff.”

Urban Meyer makes prediction on Colorado vs. Oregon

Urban Meyer
 is locking in his prediction for Deion Sanders‘ trip to Eugene, leading Colorado against Oregon on Saturday.

Joining Tim May for Urban’s Take, the former Ohio State leader prefaced his prediction by elaborating on how tough of a matchup it’ll be, but he believes the Buffaloes are built for the challenge.

“This’ll be a tough go … I get it, at times it looks different, but behind the scenes now, he’s a football coach and that’s a football team and they’re good. You know how I feel about toughness. The great thing about this game, you could maybe make it look a little different. Call it the spread offense. Make it look a little different, sunglasses or whatever it is. 

“At the end of the day, if you have practice on Tuesday and Wednesday, and you bloody your nose and your tough, and you know how to fight through stuff, you’re going to win games, and that’s what they’re doing. So don’t get confused by some of the stuff you see, because behind the scenes he’s an excellent football coach, he’s got a great staff and good players, and they’re tough.”

On3’s Stephen Samra cotributed to this report.