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Mar 2022


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  • Pete Yonkman

    Chair and President

  • Calbert Cheaney

    Vice Chair and Vice President

  • Allison Jorden


  • Wesley Jones


  • Jane Dehaven

    Board of Directors

  • Matt Ferguson

    Board of Directors

  • Kent Kramer

    Board of Directors

  • Tyler Harris

    Executive Director

Hoosiers For Good is different than most collectives because it partners with Indiana student-athletes and uses their Name, Image and Likeness to generate exposure and awareness for their respective causes. Hoosiers For Good was also one of the first collectives in the country to receive 501(c)3 status and earn a Federal tax exemption. “This allows us to continue to advance our goal of amplifying the mission of our charitable partners through Indiana University student-athletes’ NIL, platform and influence,” Hoosiers For Good executive director Tyler Harris said. In the spring of 2022, Hoosiers For Good partnered with 14 IU student-athletes to support causes like the Indiana Region of the American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington and Recycle Force. Hoosiers For Good leaders say the class of student-athletes will change each semester. “We partner with student-athletes who have an influential voice and are passionate about becoming community-minded leaders through partnering with a local charitable organization,” the group’s website says. “Our Incubator Program will encourage any student-athlete who is passionate about charitable work and interested in developing their voice to submit a proposal for funding.”