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Feb 2023


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  • Travis Dabney

    President, CEO of the 12th Man Foundation

AUG. 9 2023 UPDATE: When the 12th Man+ Fund launched in February 2023, it was heralded as the next evolution of NIL collectives. A booster-funded entity run through Texas A&M's fundraising arm, the 12th Man Foundation, the fund became the closest public link between a traditional athletic department fundraising effort and NIL-related donor dollars. Expectations were set that boosters could earn priority points for their donation. The new Texas state NIL law, which went into effect July 1, provided protection for the 12th Man+ Fund to operate with protections against the NCAA, which released guidance in the last six months quietly targeting the operation. However, the decision was made in August 2023 to discontinue the foundation’s NIL operations after discussing the IRS memo released in early June. A 501(c)(3) entity since the 1980s, the 12th Man Fund has led funding initiatives for scholarships, programs and facilities in College Station. PREVIOUS INFORMATION: The 12th Man+ Fund was launched publicly in February 2023 to “further the 12th Man Foundation’s mission while enhancing the student-athlete experience at Texas A&M through name, image and likeness opportunities.” With a contribution, 12th Man+ Fund’s website says “supporters can create NIL opportunities for Aggie student-athletes and help ensure Texas A&M Athletics has a competitive edge.” The 12th Man+ Fund says it operates under the 12th Man Foundation’s 501(c)(3) status, making it a charitable organization that is independent from the university or A&M’s Athletic Department. According to Texas Senate Bill 1385, which legalized NIL compensation for collegiate athletes in the state on July 1, 2021, universities cannot enter into or negotiate NIL contracts with their own athletes. According to the 12th Man Foundation’s description of the new program, “The Foundation’s NIL-related activities are not conducted on behalf of Texas A&M University or Texas A&M Athletics at any time. The Foundation will not communicate with or involve the University regarding negotiations with student-athletes related to NIL activities. The Foundation may communicate with the University regarding general compliance matters.” Travis Dabney, President and CEO of the 12th Man Foundation, said the 12th Man Foundation’s goal is not to consolidate NIL funds and is supportive of working alongside other collectives or funds.

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