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Apr 2022



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  • James Cowan

    Partner | Contracts & Compliance

  • Robyn Jones

    Partner | Operations

  • Brenden Hill

    Partner | Strategy

  • Doug Hicks

    Partner | Communications

  • Kevin Jones

    Partner | Creative

  • Joey Harrington

    Partner | Research & Development

Triumph NIL is one of the collectives officially aligned with Virginia Tech athletics. Triumph NIL was founded in April 2022, to create meaningful Name, Image and Likeness partnerships for Hokie student-athletes. “We specialize in curating opportunities that meet all NCAA compliance and State legal criteria,” the collective says. “Triumph seeks to maximize individual, and group earning potential and provide clarity to key stakeholders through creative activations.” The group’s motto is recruit, retain and reward. “Recruit: Assist high-achieving student-athletes to navigate NIL opportunities compliantly,” the group says. “Retain: Provide partnerships and projects that help businesses support student-athletes through NIL. Reward: Enhance the student-athlete experience by leveraging success in the arena into high-profile marketing deals.” The collective has a large group of well-known Hokies alumni and former stars on its board, including former No. 1 recruit and first-round draft pick Kevin Jones. The group recently signed 28 Hokie football players to NIL deals.