Bledsoe gaining better understanding of 'getting $&*@ right'

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After a shaky performance in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, Eric Bledsoe is learning to adjust his speed and is showing progress at the point guard position, writes the LA Times:
"Early, in summer league, he was using the same speed the whole game. You've got to know, at this level, it's two different speeds you have to play with in order to get your guy off balance. If you're running 90 miles per hour and somebody might step in your way – and you're not going to have an outlet. You might turn it over. So I saw that yesterday. He did a great job."
'Crank That Mustard'... ahem... Bledsoe had shown frustration early on but is now getting comfortable at the NBA point guard position and is poised to compete with John Wall and Rajon Rondo for the title of "Best Point Guard in the League", which Rajon currently holds in his opinion. Bledsoe will have the opportunity to show off his new game tonight in the Clippers' first preseason game against Portland. Go Cats. [LA Times: Eric Bledsoe gaining better understanding of position]

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