BTI's Rants and Ramblings: UK's History in this Recruiting Cycle with In-State Recruits
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BTI's Rants and Ramblings: UK's History in this Recruiting Cycle with In-State Recruits

Bryan the Internabout 7 years


Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
Today, Damien Harris becomes the first 5-star recruit from Kentucky to decide his college destination since......well doesn't actually list any other 5-stars from Kentucky.  But most would guess it to be Dennis Johnson or maybe even Tim Couch.  But nonetheless, this decision is big.  It's not only big to get a talent like Harris to Kentucky but just for the perception that UK can get these guys.  But how has UK done with in-state recruiting over the past 4 years, or a recruiting cycle?  Below are any 3-star and above prospects from UK since the Class of 2012, with players UK landed in bold. Class of 2015 (2 or 3 of 5 to UK) Damien Harris, Madison Central (5-star RB, Undecided) Eli Brown, Warren East (4-star LB, KENTUCKY) Mason Wolfe, Henderson County (3-star OL, KENTUCKY) Elijah Sindelar, Caldwell County (3-star QB, Purdue) Grayson Miller, Scott County (3-star DB, Michigan St) Class of 2014 (4 of 8 to UK) Drew Barker, Conner (4-star QB, KENTUCKY) Lloyd Tubman, Seneca (3-star DE, KENTUCKY) Matt Elam, John Hardin (3-star DL, KENTUCKY) Nacarius Fant, Bowling Green (3-star WR, Western Kentucky) Deandre Farris, Collins (3-star RB, Western Kentucky) Reggie Bonnafon, Trinity (3-star ATH, Louisville) Adrian Middleton, South Warren (3-star LB, KENTUCKY) Sean Nuernberger, Oldham County (3-star K, Ohio State) Class of 2013 (3 of 9 to UK) Jason Hatcher, Trinity (4-star DE, KENTUCKY) James Quick, Trinity (4-star WR, Louisville) Hunter Bivin, Apollo (4-star OL, Notre Dame) Jacob Hyde, Clay County (3-star DT, KENTUCKY) Ryan Timmons, Franklin County (3-star WR, KENTUCKY) Kyle Bolin, Lexington Catholic (3-star QB, Louisville) Dayln Dawkins, Trinity (3-star RB, Purdue) Ryan White, Trinity (3-star DB, Vanderbilt) Joey Bloomfield, Ballard (3-star OL, Kansas) Class of 2012 (4 of 14 to UK) Patrick Towles, Tilghman (4-star QB, KENTUCKY) Mekale Mckay, Moore (3-star WR, Arkansas) Zeke Pike, Dixie Heights (3-star QB, Auburn) Joey Warburg, Trinity (3-star OL, Purdue) Anthony Wales, Central (3-star RB, Western Kentucky) Jeremy Clark, Madisonville NH (3-star DB, Michigan) Tyrone Pearson, Seneca (3-star DT, Western Kentucky) Josh Harris, Mason County (3-star DB, KENTUCKY) Patrick Graffree, Central Hardin (3-star DT, KENTUCKY) Thomas Chapman, Manual (3-star DT, KENTUCKY) Drake Burns, Highlands (3-star DB, Cincinnati) Joe Manley, Bowling Green (3-star OL, Louisville) Hunter Bowles, Glasgow (3-star TE, Louisville) Jalen Boyd, Western (3-star DB, Air Force) TOTAL: 13 of 34 came to Kentucky

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