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It doesn't sound like Kentucky's offense is changing for Vanderbilt

Nick Roush11/13/19


Article written by:On3 imageNick Roush


After Kentucky's 13-point performance against Tennessee, most fans would describe their thoughts on UK's offense as 'frustrated.' At Tuesday's practice, that was not the sentiment UK's offensive coaches and players shared. "We're not getting off the game plan here," said Logan Stenberg. "We're going to stick to what we know and just execute it better." Despite the postgame frustrations after he was tackled short of the goal line, Lynn Bowden does not see a change in attitude from his peers. "I think for the most part we're good. I don't think no one's pointing fingers. I think we're all just ready to get back out there and prove ourselves." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDr2fahaJVQ As they have before every game, Kentucky will install new schemes and formations to run their offense through with Lynn Bowden taking the snaps. As they prepare for more Bowden Ball, Eddie Gran said they do discuss when it's the right time to put in Sawyer Smith. "The great thing about it is we've got two quarterbacks available. It could be situational, you know? But we talk about it absolutely every Sunday, what that time is and when it's right," Gran said. Until that time happens, Kentucky is just building on the offense they installed in their first bye week. "We try to make it simple for them because I'm not very smart. I gotta understand it first," Gran joked. "I think how we've got it set up and how we've built on those two bye weeks, we've really gotten ahead. We're adding every week and our kids have done a great job." The lack of passing may dismay some of Kentucky's wide outs. Darin Hinshaw praised their efforts and even threw Sawyer a compliment, one so nice, some might be inclined to believe he'll play sooner, rather than later. "I'm proud of the receivers. These guys have been busting their tails to help us win football games and put us in a position to win," said Hinshaw. "I'm really proud of Sawyer. Sawyer's been working his butt off, he had a great practice today; really proud of him and the way he's been progressing through all of this." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwAI9A4aHYQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYtEYZ37Hhs [mobile_ad]

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