No list of top dunks is complete without Derek Anderson

Corey Nicholsabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
Nor is a list of "Smooth Oozers" Hey, did you know it's still not basketball season?  You did?  I know it feels like it's already been forever, but there are still a couple months to wait until things get under way again.  Freakin sucks. In the meantime, though, Myron Medcalf decided there was plenty of time in the offseason to talk about his "most memorable dunks," and for that I like Myron Medcalf.  Of course, because it was a list of best college dunks, it had Derek Anderson on it. Particularly:
Kentucky’s Derek Anderson slams over Louisville’s Nate Johnson: In 1996 and '97, Kentucky went to back-to-back title games and Derek Anderson was one of Rick Pitino’s top players. Anderson’s slam against rival Louisville in 1996 was arguably the play of the year for the program. Anderson leapt over Nate Johnson on a fast break as Johnson tried to undercut him. But Anderson continued to rise before finishing the play with a nasty dunk over Johnson. Swinging on the rim after the fact was unnecessary, but it was a Kentucky-Louisville rivalry game. It happens. Anderson wanted to send a message and he did.
The only part I disagree with is the rim-swinging being unnecessary.  Taunting against Louisville is always necessary.  In case you've forgotten what Myron is talking about (you haven't), here it is in all its glory: Personally, I would have also included Darius vs. St. John's and MKG's Trainwreck Express.  But that's speaking with a little bit of bias.  What other dunks could we add to the list?

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