Ask IT: Which early-enrollee are you most excited to see on Saturday?

Joe Cookby:Joe Cook04/19/24


On Thursday, Inside Texas asked its members the following question: which early-enrollee on offense and defense are you most excited to see on Saturday?

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Almost 1000 votes were registered for each side of the ball. On offense, Ryan Wingo was the runaway winner. On defense, former five-star Colin Simmons was the choice on the Inside Texas Members Only Board.

Results for offense

Ryan Wingo: 82.4 percent

Parker Livingstone: 4.9 percent

Christian Clark: 2.7 percent

Aaron Butler: 2.7 percent

Trey Owens: 2.4 percent

Jordan Washington: 1.7 percent

Jerrick Gibson: 1.5 percent

Brandon Baker: 1.2 percent

Daniel Cruz: 0.5 percent

Love that Wingo is wearing Bijan’s number. I don’t know why that fills me with confidence that he’s going to explode on the scene this season!TrueLonghornFan

The hype for Wingo this spring has been incredible, excited to see how he performs with Arch. – CKey

It’s to the point where the hype is at a level where you know Wingo is going to be a stud and going to make a real impact as a true freshman. I haven’t been around forever but I’ve been around long enough to know when a guy is coming in balling out. Xavier Worthy had similar glowing reports as far as impact as a freshman, albeit a different type of WR – Wings N Girls

I’m interested in seeing Wingo as well but selected Livingstone given his size & speed. I’m honestly interested to see which receivers of all classes show something in the scrimmage given most are new to UT and/or have little-to-no playing experience. – orangezest

No offense to the other guys, but +80% voted a certain way for a reason. – Levander Williams

I’m ready to see TO, I mean Wingo. YACs baybay! – Zombie_Slayer

I went with Livingstone. Because of advanced hype I feel comfortable in believing that Wingo is a budding star even before I see him. I believe what I’m hearing. But the speed of Livingstone is intriguing. I want to see him ‘after the catch’, or deep ‘over the top’ on a post. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a true ‘big bodied’ receiver with speed and hands. I’m hoping he shows promise of filling that role somewhere down the road But allow me to be greedy,………I want to see um all! Rain-Rain, go away! – dos bobby

I’m old school. (And old.) I still believe quality line play on both sides of the ball is a real key to consistently winning. I’ve heard enough about Baker here and on other sites that really interest me in his playing potential. I want to see if what he shows Saturday squares with what’s been said about him. – coolhorn

I am anxious to see if Trey Owens can make some things happen with the island of misfit toys OL he’s going to huddle up with – Learned Hat

Results for defense

Colin Simmons: 76.8 percent

Alex January: 13.4 percent

Xavier Filsaime: 3.6 percent

Zina Umeozulu: 2.2 percent

Kobe Black: 2.0 percent

Jordon Johnson-Rubell: 0.8 percent

Ty’Anthony Smith: 0.8 percent

Wardell Mack: 0.3 percent

I said Alex January because if he is ready to play and get some snaps, it helps bolster the only real weakness in this team – playable depth at DT/NT. – TrueLonghornFan

Not surprised Simmons is the runaway leader so far. Though I am also interested in others, particularly January given our DT situation. – hopefulhorn

Went with a contrarian take in Filsaime, its been a few years since we’ve had good safety play, I’m hoping he can help shore that up – UTskyb08

Picked Simmons, but January kicking *** would be a huge development in a position of need. – Levander Williams

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The sexy vote here would have been Simmons. However, as with my vote on offense, I am more concerned with D-line than edge prospects. Texas has plenty of talent at edge…NOT so much at IDL. January has been talked about in favorable terms, and I’m interested in seeing if he can develop into a force quickly on the D-line. – coolhorn

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