Ask IT: Who is winning the Super Bowl?

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The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will square off in Las Vegas this evening in Super Bowl LVIII. Two Longhorns will be on the Allegiant Stadium field, as former Texas wide receiver Kyle Shanahan is the head coach of San Francisco. Kansas City has 2018 Big 12 defensive lineman of the year Charles Omenihu on the roster, though he is out for the Super Bowl considering he tore his ACL in the AFC Championship game.

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With the 2023 football season set to come to an end, the Inside Texas Members Only board provided their predictions for the Big Game.

Eric Nahlin: Chiefs win a game in the 20’s due to 4th quarter Pat heroics.

I Love Football: I think Purdy is abused, and Mahomes shines

sacatomato horn: Niners down by 2 scores at half and come back late in the 4th with a Joe Montana-esque drive replete with Purdy Pump Fakes.

pawsup83: I think and hope SF continues to get the better ROÍ.

sherf1: KC’s defense is very good, but can be run on. This is also kind of true of SF, but not sure the Chiefs can really commit to that. Would never put actual money on Purdy vs. Mahomes but also kind of have a sneaky feeling SF pulls it out? Chiefs have played lights out prior two rounds, SF has barely survived easier matchups and bad starts…. So obviously SF comes out on fire right?

jdhmills: Come on Niners, need ’em to bring it home. I need to cash some checks my mouth wrote to cowboys and saints fans.

beetlefish75443: Heart says Niners, Head says Chiefs:(

Schulz: I hate both teams, but I hate the Chiefs more.

Deezhorns: 49ers going to be stuck on 1994

uthookem: I’m torn on this one. Pulling for a good game. Hard to root against Shanahan as a Longhorn, but really hard to bet against Mahomes. I’ve been betting Chiefs all year as my Mom loves Mahomes. Finally bet against them in the AFC champ game and playoff Lamar Jackson showed up. Thinking I’ll put about five or six units on the Chiefs and take the points. I already put two units on under 47.5.

ttaghorn: Not interested in losing money on either team, but gut feeling is the Chiefs will be the winners. Don’t forget they were in Dallas before Lamar took them to KC back in the early mid 60’s, so root for the Dallas Texans.

derrick.murray: Let’s go Niners. Sick of the Chiefs lore and all that comes with it. They have that Patriots mystique brewing.

camp_4: I have bet against Mahomes the past 2 games and while placing the bet have said to myself “you are going to feel really dumb betting against Mahomes when he wins.” Not doing it a third time.

hopefulhorn: KC has the better QB and defense. Happy to take that and two points. Expect and hope for a good game.

dj777: I took Chiefs +2. Would love to see a Niners 1 point win just to ruin the all the Swift bullsh*t Lol!

GetHooked: There were a few times when Brady was not on the best team but it was hard to bet against him. I’m starting to feel the same way about Mahomes. I think the Niners win but I hate picking against Mahomes.

Leroy Jetson: Give me the team with the better quarterback.

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