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Elite TE prospect Nick Townsend discusses upcoming official visits

Eric Nahlinby:Eric Nahlin05/09/24

Some might say calling Nick Townsend elite is a stretch because not a single network has him in the Top 100 but sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. The Spring (Texas) Dekaney athlete checks all the boxes you want in a college football player and then some.

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Boxes checked

Townsend is a physically mature 6-foot-3.5, 235 pound machine who runs the seam and vertical routes incredibly well. He also has very good change of direction on short and intermediate routes that aids his ability after the catch.

Comparisons to former Texas Longhorns tight end Ja’Tavion Sanders are apt, though Sanders is more explosive.

Townsend’s offensive coordinator, Sterling Finney, is from St. Louis and has trained some of the best college receiving talents you’ll find, including Jameson Williams, Luther Burden, and Texas’ own Ryan Wingo. Finney has told IT that relative to his size Townsend is as good of an athlete as those three.

Townsend’s responsed with a chuckle and, “Yes sir, I totally agree with coach.” Townsend mentions he ran 10.92 in the 100 meters this spring at 235 pounds.

And then some

He’s going to play on offense in college but Townsend would also be a high-end Edge prospect if he preferred defense. That’s another similarity to Sanders as a high school prospect.

During Wednesday’s practice Townsend also played off-ball linebacker where his size and lateral ability takes up a lot of space on the field. If I didn’t know his athletic profile and just showed up to practice I would have been shocked to see him moving so comfortably at the position.

Townsend said of playing both ways, “I’m excited to show what I have to offer. I’m an athlete, coach. I’m ready to get on the field. I just like playing football, hitting people in the mouth.”

Official visits

Arizona State (already taken): “It went pretty cool, it’s different, it’s a different environment. I like switching up my environment. It was pretty cool to see the mountains, I’ve never seen them before.”

USC: “It’s LA, it’s LA, coach.” (USC coaches were on hand at Dekaney on Wednesday afternoon)

Alabama: “The coaches are down to earth, they were really involved with practice and stuff like that. They weren’t just watching they were getting out there. If you don’t understand something they’re going go out there and show you how to run the route, what depth, all that. I like being in that type of environment.”

A&M: “It’s a pretty cool staff. Same thing with them. I went to the spring game, they’re very involved, coaching hard. I want to be in the same environment I’m in now, hard coaching and everything.”

The Longhorns

How often he talks with Texas: “Pretty often. I’m working on building a bond better with Coach Banks and can’t wait to make it out there to the OV.”

Schools recruiting him the hardest: “Four (schools) really. LSU, Alabama, Texas A&M, and Texas.”

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Townsend will make his decision sometime this Summer.

Nick Townsend is the On3 Industry Ranking No. 131 player and No. 5 tight end in the country.

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