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ITYT: Monday Livestream runs the gamut on official visits, Silas Bolden, and gasp!, Lambos

Eric Nahlinby:Eric Nahlin06/10/24

On Monday afternoon, the Inside Texas gang took to YouTube in an effort to give Texas fans their fix of information for the day.

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Topics were numerous and included Lamborghinis, Texas official visit weekend, new wide receiver addition Silas Bolden, rival team’s level of focus on Texas week-to-week this season, demographic changes that aid the SEC, and much more.

Americans love nothing more than feigning outrage. This weekend we saw a bit of that as college football fans tumbled to their fainting couches at the sight of Lamborghinis lining the walkway into Moncrief. It’s already been well documented that Bijan Robinson had a deal with the Austin dealership. I was under the impression that was the spirit of true NIL. Austin Lambo has been good to Texas and vice versa. Why wouldn’t they have a display? It’s not like the super cars are just given away. They’re not Dodge Chargers, after all.

The OV weekend was a clear hit for the Texas staff, even leading to an RPM for Texas to land five-star athlete Michael Terry from San Antonio ($). Texas also moved the needle with high four-star Javion Hilson from Florida.

While covering the official weekend, the IT staff released a Saturday Humidor filled with team notes ($). The highlight of those notes was Bolden’s impressive introduction to Texas Football. Early returns are very positive on the former Oregon State Beaver. His speed is legit and he has more receiving skill than your typical smaller, quicker players. He’s not just a gadget guy. He turned a lot of heads last week.

It’s commonly known that Texas received every Big 12 school’s best shot. Will that continue to be the case in the SEC? Paul Wadlington says no. Eric Nahlin agrees, however, he states because the SEC takes football so seriously we might not be able to tell the difference. In the end it doesn’t matter because, as Ian Boyd mentions, it’s the talent in the SEC that makes the schedule more difficult to navigate.

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