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ITYT: Recruiting intel covers how the NFL draft affects recruiting, coaches on the road, transfer portal notes

On3 imageby:Justin Wells04/30/24

On the latest episode of Recruiting Intel on the Inside Texas Football YouTube channel, Joe Cook, Justin Wells, and Charlie Williams explain how Texas putting 11 players into the draft will be a huge positive on the recruiting trail, coaches on the road recruiting, transfer target Damonic Williams, and more.

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The NFL Draft is a significant influencer in college recruiting. When recruits see a university like Texas having multiple players drafted, it underscores the program’s capability to develop NFL-ready talent.

Coaches use draft success stories to showcase the program’s effectiveness in developing players for the professional level, emphasizing this during recruitment pitches.

Current players and recruits often react positively when they see alumni getting drafted, as it reaffirms their decision and the potential personal development opportunities at the institution.

Examples of players like Michael Fasusi and Zion Williams, who were discussed in the video, highlight the pathway from college to the NFL.

 Showcasing players from various developmental levels being drafted is a method used to illustrate the comprehensive development programs available.

Eleven players from Texas were drafted, with two additional undrafted free agents, showcasing the depth and quality of the program.

The high number of drafted players directly impacts the interest level among top high school recruits, influencing their college decisions.

The video closes with a discussion on top transfer portal target Damonic Williams, who has Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and LSU after his services.

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