Predicting Quinn Ewers' EA Sports College Football 25 ratings

On3 imageby:Joe Cook02/23/24


EA Sports deployed a smart public relations campaign this week related to announcing that every Football Bowl Subdivision team would be in the upcoming College Football 25 video game, the first college football video game since 2013’s NCAA Football 14. Part of that campaign was releasing the news that players could opt into being included in the game, something Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers did on Thursday.

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The excitement around the game is related to what’s yet to be revealed, such as game modes, features, and other little details that made the NCAA Football series unique compared to Madden, its professional counterpart.

One detail that is a staple of any EA Sports game, and any sports video game in general, is player ratings. Every player, whether a quarterback or a kicker, has a number rating assigned to things like speed, strength, and awareness. Individual positions have aspects that receive rankings. For instance, receivers have ratings for attributes like spectacular catch, catch in traffic, and route running. They are doled out on a scale with 99 being the best.

Quarterbacks have a number of attributes that go into their rating system (the formula behind creating overall ratings is a closely-guarded industry secret).

Since Ewers is in the game, what might his attributes look like?


Acceleration: 71

Agility: 74

Awareness: 87

Change of Direction: 76

Injury: 84 (the higher the rating, the lower the chance of injury in the game)

Jumping: 73

Speed: 79

Stamina: 86

Strength: 72


Break Sack: 84

Deep Throw Accuracy: 92

Medium Throw Accuracy: 98

Short Throw Accuracy: 99

Throw Power: 97

Play Action: 98

Throwing on the Run: 95

Throw Under Pressure: 91

Ball Carrying

Ball Carrier Vision: 68

Break Tackle: 65

Carrying: 70

Juke Move: 75

Stiff Arm: 64

Spin Move: 63

Truck Move: 59


Ewers is going to be one of the best players in the game when it is released. If there’s an Ultimate Team mode like in EA Sports’ NFL or pro soccer franchises, he’ll be a sought-after player to add to a squad.

When it comes to quarterbacks, throwing attributes are likely to make up most of the ratings with some deference to physical attributes.

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For the upcoming EA Sports College Football 25 video game, 96 overall is a good guess for what Ewers’ rating will be.

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