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Texas football and the transfer portal by the numbers

Joe Cookby:Joe Cook05/06/24


With the roster currently at 82 players, the portal effectively shut down for the purposes of the 2024 season, and the Longhorns likely finished making any more additions to the 2024 roster, the book can be closed on Texas in the 2023-24 portal cycle.

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Texas added nine players in both the winter and spring windows, bolstering depth at wide receiver, defensive back, EDGE, and defensive tackle. From game one of the 2023 season to the end of the spring window, 21 players elected to search for a new destination to play college football. In a move emblematic of the transfer portal era, one player transferred to Texas ahead of spring football, went through drills, and then elected to enter the portal once again.

With the roster as close to set in stone as it can be in the current era, Inside Texas looks at how Steve Sarkisian‘s program fared in the transfer portal with specific looks at gains and losses.

imPorts (9)

Two players, Jay’Vion Cole and Trey Moore, came from the Group of 5 ranks.

Three players, Bill Norton, Tiaoalii Savea, and Silas Bolden, came from the Pac-12.

One player, Matthew Golden, is from the Big 12.

One player, Andrew Mukuba, is from the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Two players, Isaiah Bond and Amari Niblack, are from the Southeastern Conference, specifically Alabama.

Spring Window (2)

DB Jay’Vion Cole, San Jose State > Texas

DT Bill Norton, Arizona > Texas

Winter Window (7)

WR Matthew Golden, Houston > Texas

WR Silas Bolden, Oregon State > Texas

WR Isaiah Bond, Alabama > Texas

DT Tiaoalii Savea, Arizona > Texas

TE Amari Niblack, Alabama > Texas

EDGE Trey Moore, UTSA > Texas

DB Andrew Mukuba, Clemson > Texas

exPorts (21)

Five players, Savion Red, S’Maje Burrell, Terrance Brooks, Austin Jordan, and Kristopher Ross, have yet to find a new destination.

Eight players, Payton Kirkland, Zac Swanson, Billy Walton, J’Mond Tapp, Maalik Murphy, Isaiah Neyor, Trill Carter, and Jerrin Thompson, remained in the Power Conference ranks following their transfer.

Eight players, Charles Wright, Casey Cain, Sawyer Goram-Welch, Jalen Catalon, Larry Turner-Gooden, BJ Allen Jr., Xavion Brice, and Kitan Crawford, joined the Group of Five ranks.

Spring Window (8)

RB Savion Red > ???

OL Payton Kirkland > Colorado

DT Zac Swanson > Arizona State

EDGE Billy Walton > SMU

EDGE J’Mond Tapp > Arizona State

LB S’Maje Burrell > ???

DB Terrance Brooks > ???

DB Austin Jordan > ???

Winter Window (13)

QB Maalik Murphy > Duke

QB Charles Wright > Appalachian State

WR Casey Cain > UNLV

WR Isaiah Neyor > Nebraska

DL Trill Carter > Auburn

DL Sawyer Goram-Welch > Coastal Carolina

DB Jalen Catalon > UNLV

DL Kristopher Ross > ???

DB Larry Turner-Gooden > San Jose State

DB BJ Allen Jr. > North Texas

DB Xavion Bryce > North Texas

DB Kitan Crawford > Nevada

DB Jerrin Thompson > Auburn

One walk-on, Ky Woods, found a new home in the Group of Five ranks. He transferred to Nevada.

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rePorts (1)

Blackshire transferred to Texas and went through spring drills with the Longhorns before again deciding to enter the transfer portal.

LB Kendrick Blackshire, Alabama > Texas > ???

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