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Michigan-focused collective MGoDAO is working to create something unlike anything else in the college sports landscape. MGoDAO is creating the first college sports decentralized autonomous organization with the goal to serve as a vehicle to empower Wolverine student-athletes and enhance the Michigan fan experience. The Athletic describes MGoDAO as the combination of a message board, a crowdfunding platform and Bored Ape Yacht Club, the NFT collectors’ space frequented by celebrities and mocked by crypto skeptics. To create this group, MGoDAO partnered with a tech startup called Draftly, which specializes in blockchain technology. MGoDAO works with Draftly to create NFTs that are sold to the general public. When people buy an NFT, they gain access to the MGoDAO and have a say in how it spends the proceeds from these NFT drops. The more NFTs sold, the bigger the group and the more money that can be directed back to Michigan student-athletes in the form of NIL deals. The group recently released a Season 1 NFT Pass for access to the community and the ability to join virtual and in-person events.

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