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Mar 2022



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  • Michael Krentzman


Founded in March 2022, Nittany Commonwealth leverages an experienced marketing team to create ongoing NIL opportunities for student-athletes with local, regional and national corporate partners. Nittany Commonwealth also offers mentorship and professional development opportunities. “Nittany Commonwealth will give businesses and members the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships with athletes, as well as provide the athletes benefits beyond strong financial performance,” said Michael Krentzman, a Pennsylvania attorney who founded the collective. “Nittany Commonwealth will help athletes build their futures through the relationships formed through the collective, and in so doing, the collective will provide benefits that transcend the length of a collegiate athletic career.” Nittany Commonwealth already has an established partnership with the YMCA of Pennsylvania, which will allow it to conduct programs throughout the YMCA network in the state. The collective has partnered with ReKTGlobal and its Xchange Factor platform, which will provide compliance and athletic auditing tools. The platform will also help facilitate the premium insider program, giving members access to student-athletes through virtual and in-person meet-and-greet events, exclusive merchandise, NFTs and more.