New “Inside the Trojans’ Huddle” (Tuesday, Jan. 23) edition: Julians' QB decisions, USC defensive overhype?, Trojan Clubs revisited, and more...

Greg Katzby:Greg Katz01/23/24
Inside the Trojans' Huddle: Talking USC quarterback and Trojans' defense


In Tuesday’s edition of “Inside the Trojans Huddle,” panelists Marc Kulkin, Erik McKinney, Chris Arledge, and Greg Katz discuss the recent quarterback portal and USC recruiting commitment movement, defensive expectations, return of Trojans Clubs?, Big Ten Lightning Round, viewers’ Q&A, and more playoff expansion.

First Quarter

In the first quarter of the Huddle, the panel takes on the Julian Sayin and Julian Lewis quarterback factor decision and commitment. What does it mean with Sayin transferring to Ohio State and Lewis reclassifying from the class of 2026 to the class of 2025. Throw in the  recent portal transfer arrival of Jayden Maiava, formerly of UNLV and having flipped from Georgia to USC, and there is a lot to digest for both Riley on the Inside the Trojans’ Huddle panel.

The panel agreed that the move by Sayin to Ohio State cleared some things up, but when it came to Lewis there was some question whether he actually will fulfill his commitment to USC and enroll in the spring semester of 2025. Overall, there was a feeling that of all the positions in college football, the least predictable in the long run was at the quarterback position. 

Second Quarter

In the second quarter of the Huddle, the panel asks the question of whether there is too much optimism being focused on the new defensive coaches to turn things around. Are folks raising expectations behind the reasonable? Should there be equal attention to the current and future talent base?

There were good viewpoints from all the panelists to whether a good USC coaching staffing took away the comfort zone of players who hadn’t performed up to their capabilities. No longer could players sit back and let the coaches take a lot of the blame for the defensive issues. One panelist suggested that while things look positive moving forward, the new defensive staff as to work as a team and not slide back into each coach’s own agenda.  


Back in 2020, for some reason, the university disbanded the highly success Trojans clubs around the state. How did it happen, why did it happen, and is there a chance now that some administrative changes have been made within the alumni association to bring back these once-powerful financial and spirited groups throughout California? One panelist expanded the question to include an overall university dysfunction in facets outside of athletics. This panel member let it rip.

There was total agreement that something needs to get done regarding return of Trojan Clubs, and that USC athletic director Jen Cohn should begin the process of bringing back the Trojans Clubs around the state and nation. Readers will enjoy watching and hearing some panel proposals to help bring back fans to their local Trojan club. One idea involved the Trojans’ head football coach, Lincoln Riley.   

Third Quarter

In the third quarter, the panel gives their rapid responses to this week’s Big Ten Lightning Round of questions: Among the topics for the BTLR include the offensive line, Alabama defections, USC’s Romell Height to the portal, the Trojans’ marching band and Michigan, DJs and yell leaders, moving the Trojans’ campus, and more. One panelist suggested not sending a portion of the band to the away game at Maryland but sending the entire band to Michigan instead.  

The Big Ten bonus question? The panel answers a fill-in-the-blank question: who is each panelist’s favorite athlete regardless of sport – college or pro? Who mentioned Tony Gwynn? Who mentioned Barry Sanders? Who mentioned Sandy Koufax? Did panelist Marc Kulkin give one of the aforementioned answers for his favorite athlete?

Fourth Quarter

Following the lighting of the WeAreSC symbolic Coliseum torch between the third and fourth quarters of the Huddle, the panel answers viewers’ questions. Questions included late publisher Garry Paskweitz, USC offensive and defensive line coaching, the 2024 offense’s potential, coaching “titles,” NIL and the Trojans, and more. To start this segment of the Huddle, panels gave their favorite memories of Garry and how they met him and eventually came to WeAreSC. A question was posed as to what GP would think of today’s Trojans’ football program.


The panel gives their opinions on whether the College Football Playoffs for 2024 is good at 12 teams or should it have been expanded to 16 teams with no byes in the first round. One panel said eight teams would be enough, while another said they were fine with the 12-team format. However, who said that he is on record as saying that a 16-team playoff and no byes for any of the top four seeds was the best format?   

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