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New “Inside the Trojans’ Huddle” (Tues., Dec. 12) edition: Linebacker coach hire, portal quarterback recruiting, USC portal departures - plus a new Big Ten Lightning Round, viewers’ Q&A, and more.

Greg Katzby:Greg Katz12/12/23
Inside the Trojans' Huddle: USC hires Matt Entz, transfer portal QB and more


In Tuesday’s edition of Inside the Trojans Huddle, panelists Marc Kulkin, Erik McKinney, Chris Arledge, and Greg Katz analyze a number of current and critical USC football developments: Analyzing both the new linebackers coach hire and quarterback portal candidates, analysis of outbound USC portal transfers, a brand new Big Ten Lightning Round, viewers’ questions and panel answers, and the panel’s dream 2023-24 bowl game destination.  

First Quarter

In the first quarter of the Huddle, there’s a lively discussion regarding the hiring of current North Dakota State’s highly successful head coach Matt Entz. Why would a successful 51-year-old head coach with multiple FCS national championships and currently looking at a third NC agree to become the new USC inside linebackers’ coach? The “Inside the Trojans’ Huddle” panel thinks they’ve got the answers. So, what does it all mean for the rest of the current USC defensive coaching staff? Who’s coming, who’s going, who’s the odd man out? What did the panel think of this big defensive staff move, and how does this affect Lincoln Riley and his commitment to defense first?   

Second Quarter

In the second quarter of the Huddle, the panel gets heated in a lively depart over the Trojans and Lincoln Riley diving right into the portal in search of a quarterback transfer. Is Miller Moss the answer? Will Moss get a fair deal in spring ball, or is Lincoln Riley bringing in a one-year rental because he doesn’t have confidence in either returning quarterbacks Moss or Malachi Nelson? How will these two QBs handle their Trojans’ future? What will high school quarterback phenoms of the future think is going on in their USC QB recruiting if Riley is always looking to the portal as the answer to any quarterback transfer?    


The panel takes an analytical look at the players from this Trojans roster who have put their names in the transfer portal. Of the offensive and defensive players listed, which player(s) would each panelist want to return to USC and compete for the cardinal and gold next season?

Third Quarter

In the third quarter, the panel gives their rapid responses to the Big Ten Lightning Round of questions. Most of the questions are “yes or no” and include will there be any UCLA defensive players transferring to USC, will 5-star QB Julien Lewis’s 2026 commitment stick, USC’s biggest recruiting threat, what player from the past would the panel like to see play for the Trojans n 2024, should Jayden Daniels of LSU been this season’s Heisman Trophy winner, will there be any 7:30 p.m. USC kickoffs in 2024, will Reggie get his Heisman back in 2024, and more.  

The Big Ten bonus question: Birthday parties, wedding receptions, or bachelor parties?

Fourth Quarter

Following the lighting of the WeAreSC symbolic Coliseum torch between the third and fourth quarters of the Huddle, the panel leads off the fourth quarter by answering viewers’ questions.

Viewers’ questions addressed the freshmen offensive line class playing in the Holiday Bowl and offensive line portal recruiting, the effects of high school recruiting vs transfer portal transfers, defensive line recruiting numbers, three portal priorities, “must-get” portal transfers, 2023 seasonal positive and negatives, observations of Lincoln Riley’s current USC culture from 2023 through 2024, and more.


In the Overtime period, the panel is asked other than this season’s CFP National Championship Game in Houston, which bowl game would each panelist like to attend in person? The answers were somewhat surprising except for one panelist. Who was the panelist?

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