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ITYT: Dakorien Moore, "if I was to go to Texas it would make her world"

Eric Nahlinby:Eric Nahlin05/29/24

This week, the Inside Texas team is in Nashville, Tennessee, to go to the 2024 On3 Elite Series, featuring more than 40 blue chips for the 2025 cycle. We met with some of the premier targets for Texas’s upcoming recruiting class today, including five star Duncanville (Texas) receiver Dakorien Moore.

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Moore has official visits scheduled to OSU, Texas, and Oregon for the month of June. (After this video it came out that Moore would also take an OV to LSU.)

When asked about the outstanding factors of each school, he highlighted certain appealing traits about the location and environment of each one. Moore appreciates the big city vibe, fan connection, and competitive mentality amongst the football program in Columbus, while also being enticed by the unique climate and northwest lifestyle in Eugene. Moore says that Austin is attractive because most of his family lives there. In fact, his mother has wanted to uproot the household to Austin throughout his childhood because of family connections. For this reason, Moore stated that choosing Texas would “make [his mom’s] world.” 

As for Oregon, it is important to note running backs coach Ra’shaad Samples, son of Duncanville head coach Reginald Samples and a fellow DFW native, is involved in Moore’s recruitment. Moore says that Samples is by no means dominating his interaction with Oregon, but that connection still gives them an advantage. He did also briefly mention that the relationships he’s built with the Texas coaches is something that is alluring to him as well.

Fellow five-stars and Texas-trending receivers Kaliq Lockett and Jaime Ffrench were interviewed before Moore and both stated they would be happy to team up to make a receiving class composed of three five-stars, even if it meant intense competition for playing time. Moore is no different; he eagerly expressed his excitement about the possibility of a hyper-talented receiving corps and the potential domination it could bring.

Currently, Moore is favored to choose Texas as his final destination, according to the On3 Recruiting Prediction Machine. He plans to have an announcement made by late July to early August.

For more insider notes regarding the nation’s top receiver, click here (On3+).

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This article was formulated by IT intern Lawton Paddock.

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