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New "Inside the Trojans' Huddle" (May 17): Potential Elimination of Pac-12 Divisions, NIL ruling, Pac-12 title game future, adding a non-conference game, and Musings with Arledge

Greg Katz05/17/22
Article written by:On3 imageGreg Katz
Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire

On this week’s “Inside the Trojans’ Huddle”, panelists Marc Kulkin, Chris Arledge, Kevin Bruce, and Greg Katz discuss the possibility and ramifications if the Pac-12 eliminates divisional play in 2023, voice their opinions on the new NCAA NIL ruling regarding boosters, thoughts on adding another non-conference opponent to the 2022 schedule, Musings with Arledge, and the funniest thing that ever happened to each of our panelists at a USC home or away game. The show concludes with the popular viewer questions and panel answers.     

The first quarter of ITTH is devoted to the panel’s reaction to the possibility that in the 2023 conference season, the Pac-12 may not have North and South Divisional play. You may be surprised at the panel’s thoughts on returning to a traditional 1-12 conference race with no divisional races. There is agreement on some of the basic concepts of the change, but how would that affect the Pac-12 title game?  

In the second quarter, the panel discusses the new NCAA interpretation of boosters and their relationship to the NIL, and how it could affect the Trojans. Kevin Bruce and Chris Arledge have some very direct opinions on where the rules are in the NIL era and how the NCAA is basically helpless in enforcing their new “booster” rules interpretation.   

For halftime, the panel gives their thoughts regarding the future of the Pac-12 Championship Game if there is no longer divisional play. It seems the panel has different viewpoints but arrive at the same conclusion, although Marc Kulkin brings up the possibility of playing UCLA twice in one season. Kevin Bruce is not receptive to the idea of playing the Bruins more than once during a season and expresses it with authority.

In the Huddle’s third quarter, the panel gives their desires if they could add an additional non-conference game to the 2022 schedule. Who would they like to see as the opponent and where should the game be played? At Michigan? At Wisconsin? At Oklahoma? Bruce wants any additional opponent game to be played at the Coliseum. 

For the lighting of the Coliseum torch between the third and fourth quarter, Chris Arledge’s “Musings with Arledge” commentary takes down Alabama’s legendary head coach Nick Saban and the hypocrisy of the coach’s recent comments regarding the NIL and college parity.

In the fourth quarter, the panel is asked to recall the funniest incident they have ever seen at a USC home or an away game. Kevin Bruce reminds us of what some Notre Dame fans will do when it comes to the players of visiting teams coming out of Notre Dame Stadium tunnel. Greg Katz recalls an incident with fans following the Trojans heart pounding, Bush push game of 2005.

And in Overtime, the panel answers a couple of viewer questions regarding how the preseason rankings might change if Miller Moss is starting quarter. The panel also answers what number they would wear if they were Trojans, who is their favorite Oklahoma football player of all-time, and Arledge finally responds to the question: Is it true Marc (Kulkin) pays his way onto the show so he gets to talk with Chris every week?