Ole Miss quarterback Jaxson Dart inks NIL deal with private jet company

On3 imageby:Pete Nakos02/27/24


Jaxson Dart is making NIL history with one of the most jaw-dropping deals to date.

The Ole Miss quarterback inked an endorsement deal with Nicholas Air, making it the first partnership of its kind. Facilitated by Everett Sports Marketing‘s Jeff Hoffman, the deal calls for Dart to have hours using Nicholas Air’s fleet of private jets for travel, training and philanthropy.

It’s not his first time working with a private jet company. The former USC transfer previously participated in an activation with The Brandr Group and Wheels Up that included Ole Miss athletes. But the Heisman candidate is now jet-setting into a new era of NIL.

A Heisman Trophy candidate entering the 2024 season, Dart has thrown for 7,691 yards with 52 touchdowns and just 21 interceptions. With a 17−10 overall record in two seasons at Ole Miss, he’s poised for the most anticipated season in Oxford in recent memory.

Coach Lane Kiffin and the Rebels were one of the biggest winners in the transfer portal, adding names like Walter Nolen and Juice Wells. Dart will be expected to put Ole Miss in position for a berth in the 12-team College Football Playoff.

ESM has one of the largest NIL agency portfolios, including Georgia’s Carson Beck and Brock Bowers along with the Cavinder Twins.

Jaxson Dart’s massive NIL potential

With more than 113,000 social media followers, the quarterback is poised to capitalize on his NIL brand. Along with deals with Ole Miss’ The Grove Collective and EA Sports, he holds an On3 NIL Valuation of $1.4 million. The valuation is No. 11 in the On3 NIL 100, the first of its kind and defacto NIL ranking of the top 100 high school and college athletes ranked by their On3 NIL Valuation.

Dart’s valuation is also in the top 10 of the college football NIL rankings.

“Despite what some fans and media believe, there is not an unlimited amount of money being deployed to manage rosters,” said Shannon Terry, the founder and CEO of On3. “Any model – whether it’s today’s broken NCAA ‘student-athlete’ construct or media rights sharing through employment, which is almost a certainty in the near future – demands efficiency based on the athlete and school knowing the athlete’s respective market value.”

The On3 NIL Valuation is calculated by combining Roster Value and personal NIL. Roster value is the value an athlete has by being a member of his or her team at his or her school, which factors into the role of NIL collectives. NIL in an athlete’s name, image and likeness and the value it could bring to regional and national brands outside of the scope of NIL collectives.

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