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How EA College Football 25 might rate Texas' wide receiver targets in the class of 2025

by:Charlie Williams06/08/24

This 2025 WR class is loaded and Texas is right in the mix for some of the best the nation has to offer. With so many talented guys it’s hard to differentiate who is better than who, or how they stack up against each other.

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For this exercise, I’m going to rate the guys like EA College Football 25 would based on speed, hands, ball skills, route running, after the catch ability, and size/frame. 

Dakorien Moore, Duncanville (Texas)

Speed: 96
Hands: 89
Route Running: 94
YAC: 95
Agility: 94
Jumping: 93
Size/Frame: A

Jaime Ffrench, Jacksonville (Fla.) Mandarin

Speed: 91
Hands: 95
Route Running: 90
YAC: 88
Agility: 91
Jumping: 98
Size/Frame: B+

Kaliq Lockett, Sachse (Texas)

Speed: 93
Hands: 91
Route Running: 85
YAC: 85
Agility: 85
Jumping: 95
Size/Frame: A

Tanook Hines, Spring (Texas) Dekaney

Speed: 97
Hands: 88
Route Running: 97
YAC: 89
Agility: 90
Jumping: 91
Size/Frame: B

Daylan McCutcheon, Lucas (Texas) Lovejoy

Speed: 88
Hands: 93
Route Running: 94
YAC: 87
Agility: 86
Jumping: 87
Size/Frame: B

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Kelshaun Johnson, Hitchcock (Texas)

Speed: 96
Hands: 87
Route Running: 90
YAC: 88
Agility: 95
Jumping: 86
Size/Frame: B-

Andrew Marsh, Katy (Texas) Jordan

Speed: 88
Hands: 91
Route Running: 86
YAC: 88
Agility: 85
Jumping: 95
Size/Frame: A

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