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Apr 2022



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  • Hugh Hathcock


APRIL 27, 2023 UPDATE: Gator Guard has halted day-to-day operations. PREVIOUS INFORMATION: Gator Guard was founded by CEO and long-time Florida fan Hugh Hathcock as a “a new, exclusive, very influential group of high-net-worth Gators” that are willing to make donations in the millions. It didn’t take big money boosters long to jump on board. Once the Gator Guard launched on April 21, 2022, the group had $3 million pledged to the cause. That quickly rose to $4 million minutes after the group went public. Then less than 20-minutes after hitting the $4 million mark, the Gator Guard reached $5 million in contributions. Make no mistake, the Gator Guard was formed with the goal of bringing a national championship in football to Gainesville. “For all that Billy Napier does well, we have to give him the rest of what he needs so that we can be competitive with other schools when it comes to NIL deals,” Hathcock said. “We need to be competitive now. This year. And the Gator Guard will help us do that.” Guard Guard has also partnered with fellow Florida collective, Gator Collective, to “ensure Gator athletes have the best opportunities.”

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