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Brenen Thompson's coaches describe what he brings to the next level

Hudson Standish10/06/21
Article written by:On3 imageHudson Standish



2022 Spearman wide receiver Brenen Thompson received offers from 34 football programs, and after narrowing his list down to a final three of Texas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma State the dynamic wide receiver has made his decision.

The No. 40 prospect in the 2022 On300 announced Wednesday night that he will be taking his talents to the University of Texas.

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On3’s Gerry Hamilton was on-site in the Texas panhandle to cover Thompson’s announcement and caught up with Spearman HC Aaron Witten and DC/Head Track Coach Allen Marrow.

Spearman HC Aaron Witten talks Brenen Thompson

Gerry Hamilton: Can you tell me what you saw from Brenen when he moved to Spearman that told you he could be a top 100 level prospect nationally?

Coach Witten: “Well, I’ll tell you … when he first got here he had a major chip on his shoulder. The more he opened up, he’s such a likable kid. Going into his sophomore year, I’ve never seen a kid work harder than he did. He worked his tail off. I had to tell him multiple times to slow down because he was working out twice a day. Brenen would come get my key (weight room) late at night and work out. He cares. He cares about his grades. He’s a great teammate and a great leader.”

GH: When you start putting up a 10.2 as a sophomore, that’s a select company. Did that surprise the staff?

Coach Witten: Obviously, we knew he was fast. When he ran that time, we were like no way. But looking at the tape when he finished the race he ran 10.18, it was exact. Nobody at the meet believed it. But then he kept doing it. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I told him from the start he would win state in the 200. With the 100 any little thing costs you, so his 200 is more impressive for me.

GH: Brenen is physical and could be a terrific corner, but he wants the ball in his hand long-term. So his focus is on wide receiver. As a football player, what have you seen from Brenen?

Coach Witten: He’s so dynamic. He can play anywhere. I remember telling him when the recruiting got going that college coaches were telling me he’s an NFL corner because he’s so physical. And he’s so fast he can recover. Funny thing, all the college head coaches want him on offense though. It’s an offensive game. He can play wherever. He’s not going to shy away from contact, and he has a defensive mind.

GH: Lastly it’s all about talent maximization moving forward for a prospect as talented as Brenen Thompson. Do you see him being able to handle everything that comes with playing football at a big-time university?

Coach Witten: I think he’ll be just fine having seen what I’ve seen. He will buy in 100% at a program. He competes against himself. I believe he will do what it takes to get it done. It’s a mental game too. The every day, 24/7 that all these kids have to adapt to. I really think he can do it.

Spearman DC/Head Track Coach Allen Marrow on Thompson

Gerry Hamilton: You have been with Brenen through the years. Let’s start with track. The 10.18 as a sophomore. How surprised were you?

Coach Marrow: Surprised at such an early age. And that it was just the third track meet. We hadn’t even hit spring break. I think a lot of us were kind of surprised. But he had put in all the work to do that too.

GH: How impressive was his junior season on the track considering what we know now about his injury?

Coach Marrow: Running the 10.38 and 10.40, I wasn’t surprised because I know Brenen Thompson is tough. And he never lied to me about it. He always told me my foot is hurt. It doesn’t feel right. But he was able to push right through it. I think being on the spring relay too, he wanted to do it for the team.

GH: Being a great sprinter is more than just pure speed and technique. It’s a mindset and mental toughness. What are the components he has?

Coach Marrow: He has “IT”. God blessed him, of course. But he’s been able to grow and use it to his advantage with his work ethic. He’s been able to handle all of the noise outside of everything.

GH: Brenen’s planning to play football and run track at the next level. Do you see a ceiling in track for him?

Coach Marrow: That’s hard to say. It’s really up to him, and how he is able to balance. In addition to what the college coaches allow him to do. He’s going to have to stay in football shape, work in the off-season and then run track. He will put some weight on, but how much weight? There will have to be a balance there.

GH: Lastly as a football player, what impresses you about Brenen Thompson?

Coach Marrow: Everybody talks about he’s just fast, but he can do it all. The capacity to play quarterback, play corner and defensive back, play wide receiver and carry the ball. In addition can run with the ball, and he can cover. He can do it all. He can run with anybody in the country, but he’s pretty strong in the weight room too.

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